“I Do” Becomes “I Don’t Any More”

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People marry with the best intentions.  But what happens when good intentions go bad?  If you need a divorce attorney, Tampa has many highly qualified attorneys who can help.

What are the leading causes of divorce?  They may not be what you think.  Most often we think a divorce happens because of infidelity.  And while it’s a natural assumption, it’s not always necessarily the case. 

Along with those good intentions, two people may have married for the wrong reasons.  People marrying because they thought it was expected of them-either their families’ or their peers’ expectations-may not stay married.  Perhaps it was the amount of money they spent on the wedding or the dream home.  Being together out of a sense of obligation may drive couples apart.

People who have not figured out who they are without their partner-the things they like, the things they want from life-may feel lost with their partner.  A lack of personal identity is often detrimental to a marriage.  Or people may grow apart, and find over time that they no longer have anything in common.  Nothing is lonelier than being with the wrong person. 

Any of the above things frequently result in a loss of intimacy, the romance that brought the couple together in the first place.  When the spark is gone, so to speak, the fire can’t burn.  Too little intimacy can leave one or both partners feeling simply unloved.

These are just a few of the reasons that a marriage fails.  Marriages are as complex and as fragile as the people in them.  Ending a marriage takes the right kind of legal expertise.  You should exit that life partnership as “advisedly” as you entered it.  With a good divorce lawyer you’ll stand a chance of separating happily ever after. 

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